Supporting vehicle compliance through simple inspections


  • A connected ecosystem for all of your inspection requirements
  • A mobile app based inspection function for your drivers
  • Direct updates of inspections and defects to a portal for you and your workshops
  • Prioiritise and manage repairs
  • Your vehicles in optimal condition

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Fast and effective!

Your drivers carry out daily vehicle checks using inspection lists defined and created by you.

You can monitor defects and anomalies, supported by photos, and immediately identify vehicle maintenance required, whoever and wherever the driver is.

Make it easier for your drivers to perform regular inspections for the best possible monitoring.

Your drivers can monitor the condition of their vehicles easily: as regularly as necessary, against an inspection list drawn up by you, they report any anomalies and check points to you.

For trucks:

MICHELIN - MyInspection - Presentation for goods transport - EN

For buses and coaches: 

MICHELIN - MyInspection - Presentation for people transport - EN

photo tyre inspection


  • Set up your company on the inspection portal.
  • Define structure and add add driver details.
  • Design and create inspections specific to your fleet and operations.

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myinspection inspect


  • Quick Simple inspection process for your drivers.
  • Inspection reports and defects shared instantly.

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myinspection view


  • React to defects instantly and plan repairs
  • View Inspection status and history
  • Demonstrate compliance with inspection archive

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myinspection optimise


  • Reduce delays between defect and repair.
  • Save time on inspections, monitoring and record keeping.
  • Track quality, frequency and duration of inspections.

A TURNKEY SOLUTION: €2.50/driver/month

A solution integrated into your systems: contact us

MyInspection is suited
to all vehicle types:
trucks, buses, site machines, LV fleets, boats, etc.


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