Take advantage of tyre durability and safety with peace of mind thanks to the Damage Guarantee

A tailored guarantee

Because unforeseeable accidents can happen in your daily delivery work, Michelin invites you take advantage of tyre durability and safety qualities with peace of mind thanks to the Damage Guarantee included when buying tyres from your distributor or purchasing a new vehicle.

In the event of accidental damage, Michelin registers a credit note to the remaining value of your tyres with the accredited dealer of your choice. 

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To benefit from the tyre guarantee, the procedure is simple and rapid: a few clicks and less than a minute!

You have just bought tyres from your dealer or with the purchase of a new vehicle.

  1. Log in or set up an account on our new MICHELIN MyPortal space
  2. Register your tyres on MICHELIN MyPortal and follow the instructions

Your signing up for the Damage Guarantee is finished, you can enjoy using your tyres with peace of mind.
See MICHELIN MyPortal for the full terms and the list of products concerned.

Here is the example of Paul, a construction-site user
of the MICHELIN X®WORKS™ range

MICHELIN - X® WORKS™ - Damage Guarantee - EN

Ensure your peace of mind on the road and on worksites, while managing your budget. Tyres represent a sizeable budget: with the Damage Guarantee, don’t fear investing in performance tyres.

Log in to MICHELIN MyPortal

to register your tyres and benefit from the Damage Guarantee

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