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Tyres are the only point of contact between your vehicle and the road. Make sure you use them safely and to their full potential with our technical advice and recommendations for use.

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Trucks and buses

Un garçon joue avec son camion sur la plage - noir et blanc

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Un garçon joue avec son camion sur la plage - noir et blanc

Effitires vérification de la sculpture du pneu

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Effitires vérification de la sculpture du pneu

Maintenance and safety

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Regulations in the UK

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Agricultural vehicles

Nature’s tempo guides your work in the field. At every stage in the crop growing cycle – soil preparation, planting, fertilisation, harvesting and transport – MICHELIN is your partner in the field. Here, get helpful tyre advice that will have a positive impact on your soils and yields. #PositiveCycle

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All about agriculture tyres

Are you up to speed on tractor and trailer tyre basics?
Here are some helpful reminders about using them properly, throughout the crop growing cycle…

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Your tractor tyres and the crop growing cycle

Low pressure, traction, versatility – what you demand from your tyres depends on where you’re at in the crop growing cycle. To fully understand, watch these videos.

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The risks for your soils

Your tyres may be your biggest cause of compaction and rutting. Luckily, these problems can be mitigated throughout the crop growing cycle.


Calculating the right pressure

You can’t use the same pressure throughout the cycle – planting, tilling and road transport have different requirements. The correct pressure will help protect your soils and reduce tyre wear.

Caring for your agricultural tyres

Your tractor and trailer tyres are your number one partner during agricultural work. Take care of them at every stage of the crop growing cycle – and they’ll return the favour, year after year!

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Chargeuse de surface dans une carrière

surface loader

Chargeuse de surface dans une carrière

Earth mover

pneu minning MICHELIN xcrane

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pneu minning MICHELIN xcrane

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man with a white helmet checking a huge tire


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Pressure advisor

Your online search tool to find reference pressures for your construction machine tyre.

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classeurs de rangement pour stocker des informations

Reference documents

Product datasheets, pressure charts, technical brochures, infographics, warranties: all the documents you need are free to download here



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