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Michelin has offerings tailored to the needs of all business customers, on all terrains, wherever they are in Europe

The Michelin Group offers a full range of services for added peace of mind on the road. Whether you are an operator, fleet manager, HGV, bus or construction site driver, and whether you work in freight or people transport, agriculture, mining and quarry management, or any other industrial profession. Be more effective and safer, cut your operating costs, and make your business more profitable.

Explore our completely bespoke breakdown services underpinned by a Europe-wide network of accredited providers. Make your everyday life easier with our road journey calculation and optimisation tools. Equip your teams with connected solutions to improve the way you manage tyre pressures and temperatures, monitor tyre wear, and inspect your vehicles easily. Enjoy specialist support with managing your mining operations.

Michelin works alongside you every day to improve the overall performance of your business with innovative training and assessment solutions for your drivers, and management tools specially designed for your business sector.


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At your service, wherever you are!

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To transport your passengers with complete peace of mind!

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Improve your yields and protect your soil at the same time.

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Translate optimised tyre management into productivity gains.

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For improved productivity and safety in the most extreme conditions.

MICHELIN Connected Fleet : solution for truck and trailer fleet management

MICHELIN Connected Fleet

MICHELIN Connected Fleet

MICHELIN Connected Fleet services and solutions are designed to provide the tools and information fleet operators and managers need to easily manage their fleets on a daily basis and transform their operational efficiency.

More than a supplier, we work as a true partner and accompany you with recommendations, based on your mobility data, so that you can reduce your costs, improve your productivity, ensure the safety of your drivers and manage sustainable fleets.


Your personal space accessible any time on any device.

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Your MICHELIN MyPortal benefits

• Promotional services for all product ranges and fleet configurations (trucks, agricultural vehicles, cars and vans, etc.)
• Rapid breakdown service and personalised assistance
• Service offerings
• Unlimited access to exclusive tyre offers
• Access to your personal space from any device
• Personalised content based on your activities
• Point of contact with the distribution network
• Direct access to the MICHELIN MyPortal help centre
• Creation and tracking of product and warranty queries
• ... and much more to come

To take advantage, sign up in 1 minute!

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Tyres are the only point of contact between your vehicle and the road. Make sure you use them safely and to their full potential.


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