En ville une voiture et un gourgon sont garés

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En ville une voiture et un gourgon sont garés

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The right ecosystem for mastering fleet management today and shape future sustainable mobility

A successful Manager must also have vision in relation to the Company, people, planet. To succeed on all fronts, you need a partner who enables you to ensure efficient and responsible management of your van and commercial vehicle fleet, while helping you to become a sustainable mobility player and advocate.

With the Michelin group, you can make a thorough commitment to sustainable mobility while meeting the demands of high quality fleet management: an optimised TCO, reduced environmental impacts, optimal quality of service and safety for users at every mile, whatever the type of road.

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Rangée de camions garés sur un parking


Find the appropriate tyre for your operations in the MICHELIN Agilis van range (MICHELIN Agilis 3, MICHELIN Agilis CrossClimate, MICHELIN Agilis Alpin).


Find the appropriate tyre for your light vehicle fleet (cars and SUVs) depending on your applications: MICHELIN CrossClimate 2, MICHELIN e·PRIMACY, MICHELIN Primacy 4+ or MICHELIN Alpin 6.

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Flotte de voitures alignées sur un parking


Want to know how the MICHELIN CrossClimate family fairs in the real world? We invited customers to test our products in a variety of conditions.
See why the MICHELIN CrossClimate 2 tyre and the MICHELIN Agilis CrossClimate tyre deliver top class mobility, all year round.

MICHELIN - CrossClimate 2 Fleets testimonies: Orange / NGE-Guintoli / Autonom-Rent A Car - EN

STORY MICHELIN CrossClimate 2 – Tried, Tested and Approved by Fleets

Discover drivers and fleets managers testimonies from 3 big companies accross Europe : NGE; Orange and Autonom-Rent A Car. They fitted their own vehicles for months with the new MICHELIN CrossClimate 2 tyres and had the change to test it in real life, in diverses road conditions and many weather situations. They delivers their experience with MICHELIN CrossClimate 2 regarding safety, TCO (Total Cost of Ownership), simplicity and social and environmental responsibility.

STORY MICHELIN Agilis CrossClimate – The Ski slope test

We invited fleet managers and buyers from across the UK and Ireland to test the Agilis CrossClimate in one of the most extreme conditions you can find in the UK; inside the Milton Keynes Snodome. This gave customers the chance to drive vehicles up slopes covered in thick snow to see first hand how the Agilis CrossClimate delivers traction when you need it most.

MICHELIN - Agilis CrossClimate - The new all-weather tyre for vans and commercial vehicles - EN
MICHELIN - Agilis CrossClimate – a test by the professionals

STORY MICHELIN Agilis CrossClimate - Testing it on real snow

Managers of major fleets such as those of EDF, VEHIPOSTE, SIXT, BRITISH GAS, etc. all tested the MICHELIN Agilis CrossClimate tyre in severe winter conditions and they were impressed! Traction on snow, exceptional handling and emergency braking even with a loaded vehicle really impressed them. It is they who say so!

STORY MICHELIN Agilis CrossClimate - Traction on a variety of surfaces

As well as snow, rain and all other weather conditions, the Agilis CrossClimate deals with delivering excellent traction on a variety of surfaces. Whether mud, gravel or grass, the CrossClimate's unique tread design offers grip when you need it.

MICHELIN - Agilis CrossClimate - AGCC Traction MUD&GRASS - EN

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