Understanding tractor rims, tubes and valves

Understanding tractor rims, tubes and valves

Understanding Rims, Inner tubes and Valves

Rims, tubes and valves have references that may seem difficult to understand. But by knowing the steps to follow, you can easily find what you need. In this article, our experts guide you through understanding and identifying rims, tubes and valves for your tractor tyres.


The tyre/rim pairing is an essential element in ensuring that your tractor performs well. That's why it's crucial to ensure that the two elements are compatible. To find out how, just follow these simple steps.

Identify the tyre diameter

To ensure that a rim is compatible with a tyre, the first thing to check is the diameter, which is measured in inches.
The diameter must be the same for your rim as for your tyre. It's a bit like shoe size: if you wear a size 42 shoe, you'll have a hard time fitting your foot into a size 38 shoe!

Take as example the dimension 540/65 R30 of the MICHELIN AXIOBIB2 range:
In the tyre size, the two numbers after the "R" are the Rims diameter. In our example, R30 means that the tyre has an inner diameter of 30 inches.

Check the width and profile of the rim

This is the value you get when you match the tyre diameter.
On all our tyre pages, there is a “Technical Specifications” section in which the “recommended rims” and “approved rims” for the requested size and corresponding diameter are indicated.

Example of technical specifications for the dimension 540/65 R30, MICHELIN AXIOBIB2 range.

Technical specifications : Checking the width and profile of the rim

Technical specifications : Checking the width and profile of the rim

We can see that the recommended rim reference for this 30' diameter tyre is W18L.

This reference indicates its approved profile and width.

See the technical specifications of this dimension: here

Is your current rim compatible with the new tyre?

If you are buying a new tyre, you can check on your current rim whether it is compatible. Generally, the rim size is indicated on your rim.

If your rim is not compatible with the tyre you wish to buy, then you will need to buy a new one. If in doubt, consult your tyre dealer.

Rim reference : positioning on the rim

Rim reference positioning

The rim reference appears on the seat or on the disc of the rim

To find out more about rims

The rim reference corresponds to a dimension F (interior width), H (Flange height) and P (Seat width), all three in mm. In our example, W18L corresponds in F to 457.2 mm, in H to 25.4 mm and in P to 33 mm.
Detailed information on rim width and profile can be found in our technical documentation.

What is an O-ring?

Some rims made up of several parts (usually three) require an accessory to ensure they are airtight. This accessory is called an "O-ring". An O-ring is not needed on a one-piece rim.

Inner tubes

The commercial designation of the tyre indicates whether the tyre is Tubetype (TT) or Tubeless (TL). At Michelin, we only manufacture tubeless tyres (i.e. tyres without inner tubes) for agricultural machinery.

For example, this commercial designation VF 540/65 R39 158D/155E TL ends with TL, which means that the tyre can be mounted without an inner tube on a rim that is also tubeless.

If for any reason you wish to fit a tube in your tyre, we indicate, if available, a reference for a compatible tube in our table (see our technical documentation or any product sheet). This reference appears in the "Tube (Code)" column.

Reading technical datas: tube code

Reading technical datas: tube code

Note that this reference may be preceded by the letter “M” (eg. “M754”). In our example of a 540/65 R30 tyre, the reference for an inner tube is 754.


With this inner tube reference, you can then consult our "Inner tube and valve references" table to also find the compatible valve reference.

As in our example you have identified that the tyre has a diameter of 30, you can go directly to the section of the table that corresponds to this diameter. Next, identify the inner tube reference.

Finding the tube code

Tube code

We can see above that the tube whose reference number we had noted (754) corresponds to a TR218A valve.

So now you know which tube and valve are compatible with your tyre.

The different types of valves

The following pages of our document also show the types of valves. You'll see the differences in terms of shape, length and diameter of the valve hole.

Inner tube valves

Valve : 10 SC29

Valve : 10 SC29

 10 SC29

A = 15 mm
B = 29 mm
∝ = 90°
∅ = valve hole = 10 mm

Valve: 10 SCH40

Valve: 10 SCH40

10 SCH40

A = 13 mm
B = 27 mm
∝ = 150°
∅ = valve hole = 10,2 mm

Valve: TR13 and TR15

Valve: TR13 and TR15

TR13 & TR15

TR13 (ETRTO = V2-01-1): L = 35 mm ; ∅ = valve hole = 11,5 mm
TR15 (ETRTO = V2-01-2): L = 35 mm; ∅ = valve hole = 16 mm

Valve: TR218A

Valve: TR218A

TR218A (ETRTO = V7-01-1)

Air/Water valve
L = 47,5 mm
∅ = valve hole = 15,7 mm

Valve: 1964

Valve: 1964


L = 40 mm
∅ = valve hole = 9,7 mm

Valve: 1837

Valve: 1837

1837 (ETRTO = V5-04-1)

A = 27 mm
B = 79 mm
∝ = 80°
∅ = valve hole = 20,5 mm

Valve: 582

Valve: 582

582 (ETRTO = V3.06.5)

A = 20,5 mm / B = 131 mm
C = 49 mm / D = 62,5 mm
h = 17 mm
∝ = 90°

Valve: 1123

Valve: 1123

1123 (ETRTO = V3.06.8)

A = 24,5 mm / B = 126,5 mm
C = 50,5 mm / D = 61,5 mm
h = 17 mm
∝ = 94°

Tubeless Valves and Air / water valve tip

Tubeless Valves

Tubeless valve

Tubeless valve

TR618A (ETRTO = V5-01-1)

Air/water valve
L = 47,5 mm
∅ = valve hole = 15,7 mm

Air/water valve tip

Air/water valve tip

Air/water valve tip

Air/water valve tip

In some cases, you will be able to choose one type of valve over another, but not all valve types are always available for a given inner tube.



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