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K&M Tyres - Exelagri Accredited Centres

The Michelin Exelagri network is a collective of agricultural specialist tyre partners located throughout the whole of the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland offering high quality tyres and tyre services.

K&M Tyres LTD

Dealers information

 01359 242430

k m



Want to find out more about K&M Tyres and discover their experience of the MICHELIN Exelagri network? We asked them to tell us about thier business:

What is your Full Business Name?

K&M Tyres LTD

How many Exelagri-accredited locations do you have in the network?

We have 1 accredited MICHELIN Exelagri location in Suffolk.

Approximately how many years have you been supplying Michelin agricultural tyres?

We have been selling Michelin tyres for 5 years.

What makes your business stand out from other local tyre dealers?

We are a business to business provider offering a mobile service from 8 vans.

How has being part of the Michelin Exelagri network benefited your business and your customers?

Being part of Exelagri benefits us by being able to offer our customers Michelin cash back and expert advice.

What’s the most popular Michelin agricultural tyre you fit (i.e. Michelin XeoBib)?


In your opinion, what’s the best performing product in the Michelin agricultural range and why?

The XMCL is a great product and also BIBLOADs.

What makes Michelin tyres so popular amongst your customer base?

The excellent advice and good products throughout the range.

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