• Fuel Savings
  • Longevity
MICHELIN Agilis 3 Front
MICHELIN Agilis 3 Front


  • Fuel Savings
  • Longevity

Our new summer van tyre, developed to combine outstanding safety and energy performance levels with the MICHELIN brand’s high mileage. The right choice for your business and the environment!


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• The full range is rated B for rolling resistance

• Reduced fuel consumption (1) and lower emissions: - 100 kg of CO2 less per year (equivalent to the CO2 stored by approximately 3 trees) (2)

• Optimised weight to generate less waste and lighten its impact on natural resources (3)

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• The full line is rated A for wet grip performance

• Excellent wet braking performance (4) from the first mile to the last (5) (6) thanks to MICHELIN EverGrip technologies

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• With over a century of expertise, MICHELIN keeps increasing tyre mileages

• Up to 7% more mileage versus the previous generation (7)

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• Extra-thick kerbing shields protect against sidewall damage

• Abrasion-resistant rubber compound trickled down from Truck technology

• Patented Truck technology to eject stones and improve protection of the tyre's tread pattern

NB: MICHELIN Agilis range tyres cannot be retreaded or regrooved.

Agilis 3

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gamme pneu MICHELIN Agilis

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Livreur dans sa camionnette

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Camionnette en ville

Recommendation for motorhomes

For caravans and motorhomes, MICHELIN recommends exclusively fitting tyres with the "CP" marking, designed specifically for the higher loads these vehicles carry. The MICHELIN line with the "CP" marking is called MICHELIN Agilis Camping.

Legal notice

(1) MICHELIN Agilis 3 is rated "B" under the European rolling resistance labelling system compared with "C" for its predecessor MICHELIN Agilis+.

(2) According to the internal "Lifecycle Analysis" (ACV) study carried out in September 2019 by the Michelin Technology Centre comparing MICHELIN Agilis 3 with MICHELIN Agilis+, in the 235/65 R16 115/113R size. MICHELIN Agilis 3 reduces CO2 by 1.3 kg/tyre over 620 miles (1,000 km) compared with MICHELIN Agilis+; a van fitted with 4 MICHELIN Agilis 3 tyres and covering an annual mileage of 12,400 miles (20,000 km) will save around 104 kg of CO2. Assuming that a tree can store up to 35 kg of CO2/year on average (depending on tree age and type – source: CSR & Sustainable Development Platform), a saving of 104 kg/year is roughly equivalent to planting 3 trees.

(3) The unit weight of the MICHELIN Agilis 3 tyre has been lowered by an average of 1.6 kg versus MICHELIN Agilis+.

(4) Wet braking test, from 80 to 20 km/h, conducted by TÜV SÜV Product Service at Michelin's request in August 2019, on an MB Sprinter 316 CDI fitted with 235/65 R16 115/113R tyres, comparing MICHELIN Agilis 3 with its main competitors CONTINENTAL ContiVanContact 100, GOODYEAR EfficientGrip Cargo, PIRELLI Carrier and HANKOOK Vantra LT RA18.

(5) "Worn" means machine-worn (buffed) to tread wear indicator depth (1.6 mm) in accordance with the European regulation on tread wear indicators ECE R30r03f.

(6) The last mile being understood as meaning until the legal wear limit (1.6 mm) is reached. Please refer to the legal tread wear limit in force in your country.

(7) Based on an internal wear test conducted in October 2018 comparing MICHELIN Agilis 3 with MICHELIN Agilis+, on a Renault Master 130cv 3.5 T fitted with 235/65 R 16C 115/113R size tyres.

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