Going beyond the tyre to protect your soil.


A total solution



Remote inflating, the right pressure in the field and on the road without stopping:

MICHELIN ZEN@TERRA - CTIS : The right pressure from the field to the road in no time (EN)

ZEN@TERRA® is a total solution for remote tyre inflation aimed at improving soil protection and the tractor’s efficiency, in a simple manner, comprising:

  • The Michelin tyre provided with UltraFlex technology 
  • The PTG remote inflating system allows the tyre pressures to be adjusted even during driving.
  • Automatic control of pressure in two clicks on the tractor’s Isobus dashboard.

Michelin support includes assistance with configuration (via the application MICHELIN AgroPressure by ZEN@TERRA®), dedicated telephone support and help with getting started.

Picto mainplant zen@terra  Agriculture

Picto mainplant zen@terra Agriculture

MICHELIN zen@terra

labour tracteur

labour tracteur

TRacteur équipé de pneus agricoles Michelin labourant un champ de nuit

* Study conducted by Harper Adams University since 2014 investigating UltraFlex technology integrated into the MICHELIN EVOBIB tyre.
** In-house comparative study on the MICHELIN EVOBIB tyre vs the MICHELIN AXIOBIB tyre. Basis: 300 hp tractor, soft wheat crop over 300 ha, 900 h of use per year, 20% on road 40% under high torque. Yield performance of 7.3 t/ha and selling price of €160/t. Time saving = 40 hours = 5 days. For 360 hours of in-field work under high torque. Labour cost estimated at €66/h (labour + tractor with fuel).

The advantages of ZEN@TERRA®

Better soil protection, with at least +4%* in yield.

Improved productivity with up to 30% additional traction** and up to 11% in productivity gain, equivalent to adding 20 hp useful power.

The best on-road efficiency with improved safety and road-handling, improved driving at sustained high speeds, long service life and reduction in fuel consumption.

Simplified management of the tyre pressure, BOOST Function in two clicks: 3 minutes at extremely low pressure.

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