Choosing the right tractor trailer tyres

Choosing the right tractor trailer tyres

Choosing the right tractor trailer tyres

Your agricultural trailer should not be fitted with just any tyres. You need them to be able to deliver certain performances in order to optimise your farming activities. What trailer tyres can we offer to optimise the performance? The answer is in this article.

Performance expectations for agricultural trailer tyres

Because your trailer plays a crucial role in the agricultural process, your expectations in terms of tyre performance are understandably high.

You need trailer tyres that can take your trailer safely and smoothly to the fields where these tyres must deliver the expected performance:

Not only that, they must also be capable of carrying heavy loads while respecting the soil.

Trailer tyres have to carry heavy loads while respecting the soil

you need trailer tyres that can carry heavy loads while respecting the soil

And of course, when you leave the field, your agricultural trailer tyres need to self-clean quickly before you get on the road. Not to mention longevity: trailer tyres should wear slowly enough so that you don't have to change them frequently.

Finally, as you move from the field to the road, and vice versa, you need a tyre that delivers optimal performance on both without having to manually adjust the tyres pressure.

For this reason Michelin has developed the MICHELIN TRAILXBIB tyre.

How does this tyre meet all your needs for your tractor trailer? That's what we'll examine below.

A reliable and efficient asset for your trailer

At Michelin, we take your needs very seriously and when it comes to your agricultural trailer tyre needs, we've worked out the best way to meet them. Here's what the MICHELIN TRAILXBIB tyre is designed for:

1 - Good traction and soil protection

The MICHELIN TRAILXBIB tyre is equipped with MICHELIN Ultraflex VF technology. This technology allows the tyre to operate at low pressure in the field, increasing the surface area of the tyre on the ground. This improves traction and protects the soil by limiting compaction.

2 - It resists damage and reduces the risk of punctures

The MICHELIN TRAILXBIB tyre has a new VF (Very High Flexion) casing which, at low pressure, gives it greater resistance to damage. This improved endurance reduces the risk of punctures to minimise downtime.

3 - It can carry heavy loads

In addition, the metal crown plies inside this trailer tyre reinforce it and give it excellent load-carrying capacity, so that your trailer can carry heavy loads.

4 - It self-cleans easily

The MICHELIN TRAILXBIB's curved lug tread pattern and wide, divergent inter-lugs help to evacuate soil better when you leave the field. The trailer tyre cleans itself simply by driving.

5 - It lasts longer

The special design of its tread, and in particular its central rib, improves the longevity of the tyre so that you can keep it for a longer time, saving you money by delaying the need to replace.

The MICHELIN TRAILXBIB centre rib makes you save money

The MICHELIN TRAILXBIB centre rib makes you save money

6 - It saves you fuel costs

This same design has reduced rolling resistance, reducing your fuel consumption to the minimum necessary and, there again, enabling you to make significant savings all year round.

7 - Its pressure can be controlled by CTIS

As the MICHELIN TRAILXBIB tyre is compatible with the Central Tyre Inflation System (CTIS)*, which means you can optimally control this trailer tyre's pressure on the road and in the field.

Pressure is a key factor in your business because, when correctly adjusted according to use, it can lead to fuel savings that can considerably reduce your costs over the year.

With the CTIS installed, a compressor on the trailer is connected by cables to the tractor, allowing you to easily adjust the pressure of your trailer tyres as well as those of the tractor without moving from your cab.

*CTIS is only available in certain countries. Ask your dealer for further information.

The CTIS system helps optimise easily your trailer tyres' pressure as well as your tractor's tyres pressure

CTIS fitted on tractor trailer tyre

A farmer's testimonial

José, a French farmer, explains in this video why he has fitted his trailer with MICHELIN TRAILXBIB tyres and a CTIS, and what benefits our very special trailer tyre has brought him:

Retour d'expérience : il équipe sa benne de télégonflage PTG et de pneus MICHELIN TRAILXBIB

Take a behind-the-scenes look at how MICHELIN TRAILXBIB tyre is made!

We invite you to take a virtual trip to the Valladolid factory in Spain where the MICHELIN TRAILXBIB tyre is manufactured. You'll discover how the magic happens to deliver a versatile, high-performance, soil-friendly trailer tyre.

MICHELIN TRAILXBIB - Visite de l'usine de Valladolid

Is MICHELIN TRAILXBIB tyre also suitable for implements?

While the MICHELIN TRAILXBIB tyre is a perfect trailer tyre, we have a tyre specially designed for your implements that we recommend you look out for. For your seed drills, tillage tools, balers, straw trailers and ploughs, the MICHELIN VF XP27 is the ideal choice. To find out more, visit our "Tyres for trailers and implements" page.

Want to know more about our trailer tyre? Simply click on the link below:



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