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European tyre legislation

Here is a guide to the legal wear limits and winter tyre regulations in the main European countries.

The legal wear limits in the main European countries for
truck and bus tyres

table with tyre wear legislation in europe

Picto capture page 10 wear by country Help and Advice

table with tyre wear legislation in europe

Winter regulations covering truck tyres in the EU

How to understand the difference between winter markings:

  • M+S marking is awarded based on a declaration made independently by the manufacturer according to its own non-regulatory criteria.
  • 3PMSF marking is a certification awarded to tyres that pass a winter traction test in accordance with European regulation UNECE R117.

The test results are factual and comparable. 3PMSF is the only true criteria for measuring winter mobility.

Picto European winter regulations page 1 Help and Advice

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