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Underground mines

Tyres and services designed for extreme working conditions

Underground mines provide the most extreme working conditions for both machines and people. To stand up to rockslides, floods and the heat encountered in ore extraction, the tyres must be reliable in all conditions. They also need to be capable of bearing larger loads to cope with the productivity gains sought.

In such a context, the immobilisation of a machine for the replacement of a tyre can have critical consequences, possibly causing the loss of half a day of work or more. Conscious of these restrictions, we developed a range of high-technology tyres, with improved resistance to a wide range of damage risks and capable of carrying heavier and heavier loads.

MICHELIN® Pro Line of Underground Tires – NRF Technology


With their new range of Pro tyres for machines operating in underground mines, Michelin launched its NRF technology, which improves resistance to damage thanks to:

Two plies added to the tyre structure, which contain crossed nylon cords set into the rubber for increased resistance and robustness.
New cords in the working plies for greater resistance to damage and better protection against oxidation.

Our underground mining services and solutions portfolio

To back up the widest range of tyres in the market, Michelin offers solutions adapted to the extreme conditions of underground mines with quality technical support and the widest range of services on the market. Indeed, the best tyre is nothing without the best service. Our experts and our simulation and analysis tools help you to make the best use of your tyres and improve your productivity.

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Analysis of the conditions on site
Our field experts analyse the driving conditions on your site in order to give you the best advice.

Vérification de la pression d'un pneu

Background verification pression Help and Advice

Vérification de la pression d'un pneu

Pressure Advisor
Find the correct inflation pressures for all your vehicles with the help of our online tool, Pressure Advisor!

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michelin mining account manager providing advices

Three workers in a quarry discussing in front of heavy machinery looking at plan

Tips and recommendations
Find our FAQ and technical tips section to become a tyre expert!

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Surface mines

Our tyres and solutions for surface mining sites.

Yellow articulated dump truck in action

Edito photo adtloader quarry Help and Advice

Yellow articulated dump truck in action


Our tyres and solutions for quarry sites.

The world leader in the tyres-for-mines market, Michelin offers a wide range adapted to all customers’ situations and underground mining machines. 

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