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The world is changing and transportation sector makes no exception.

As truck and trailer manufacturer or fleet owner, you are managing increasing responsibilities to ensure safety, profitability while reducing your environmental impact.

At Michelin’s, our concern is to satisfy both truck and trailer manufacturers as well as fleets thanks to an in-depth understanding of your needs of today and tomorrow.

Discover specific solutions that are fully designed around your expectations and conditions of use.

Michelin, your reliable partner

The MICHELIN brand is accredited by the majority of truck and trailer manufacturers, in most categories of heavy goods vehicles, machines for construction, handling, mining and quarries, a very wide variety of freight, people and raw materials transport sector activities, on sites and on the road.

You can choose MICHELIN tyres suited to your nature of operation when you buy your new vehicle, on demand from your dealer.


visuel témoignage volvo t tomlinson


“Boughey Distribution are one of our launch customers for the new FH. They’ve ordered several i-save Tractor Units. To complement that, they’ve ordered it with MICHELIN X® Multi™ Energy™ tyres. The new regional pattern will give them the most efficiency they can, so, yes, a very much smart move on their behalf”. 

Martin Tomlinson
Head of Media, Product Demonstration & Driver Development for Volvo Trucks UK & Ireland


Boughey Distribution Group

“The decision to renew our entire fleet gave us the opportunity to analyse every aspect of the vehicle specification, and ensure it was fine-tuned for maximum efficiency. The team at Quinton Tyres recommended MICHELIN X Multi Energy tyres, and it just made perfect sense for us.”

Paul Brimelow
Fleet Engineer

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“Irizar and Michelin have been working together for many years. In addition to the tyres being top quality(1), they are also balanced and rim-mounted”

(1) Voted manufacturer of the year at the Tyre technology expo 2019 and 2020.

José Miguel Garcia Reigada
Mechanical engineer Manager

Webinar – An ongoing journey toward sustainable transport

As climate changes, regulations are even more drastic towards transportation sector. We all play a role in reducing CO₂ emissions and we are fully committed to providing innovative solutions.

Let’s take up the regulation challenge and achieve a sustainable transportation together by decreasing the CO₂ emissions.

MICHELIN - Webinar Original Equipment Truck & Bus - EN

Michelin, your sustainable partner

What does the new heavy duty CO emission regulation say?

The new CO₂ regulation implemented by the European Commission leads the change towards a more sustainable freight transportation.

From 2025 on, manufacturers will have to meet new CO₂ emissions targets. Various parameters such as tyre rolling resistance will still be calculated using the VECTO tool to simulate fuel consumption and CO emissions. This is where Michelin can help.

The ‘‘Euro Vignette’’ directive, which governs road tolls for heavy goods vehicles in the EU, was revised in March 2022. EU Member States will be required to set different rates of road tax depending on a truck’s CO2 emission class. The emission class will be determined by the truck’s VECTO calculation tool for measuring CO2 emissions based on data entered by the manufacturer.

Reduce your CO emissions with MICHELIN tyres

Trust Michelin to help choose the right tyre according to your usage and optimize your fuel consumption and mileage.

Tyre impact on TCO

TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) is an estimate of all the direct and indirect costs involved in acquiring and operating a product or system over its lifetime.

tyre impact positively your financial overall result tco2

schema 1 gb

schema 2 gb 1

The Michelin way to reduce TCO

Un garçon joue avec son camion sur la plage - noir et blanc

Edito kid playing with a truck on the beach Help and Advice

Un garçon joue avec son camion sur la plage - noir et blanc

Tyre marking and basics

Selecting the best tyre range according to your usage can help you save money (tyre TCO€/ year).

Edito europe regulation Help and Advice

European truck tyre labelling

Rolling Resistance grading has a key impact on fuel consumption (tyre selector will clearly indicate the grading level for each tyre)

post 1986 img rolling through

Rolling resistance

Using MICHELIN’s tyres from 1st to last mm (1) safely will enable you to profit from the optimized rolling resistance.

Effitires vérification de la sculpture du pneu

Edito picture effitires delegate1 Help and Advice

Effitires vérification de la sculpture du pneu

The right pressure

Making sure you have the right tyre pressure all along journeys may save up to 0,8l/ 100km (2)

picture 1 fond blanc

Multi life approach

MICHELIN tyres can have several lives thanks to regrooving and retreading that will help you meet your competitive & sustainable challenges.

Michelin's overall mobility offer

Michelin freight mobility ecosystem approach is to satisfy it’s customers needs.
Michelin offers not only low rolling resistance tyres, but, a better “overall tyre performance” through high technology.

picture 4 overall offer

TCO is the key driver for truck business but low rolling resistance cannot come at any expense (Safety, adherence, handling, mileage).

Michelin offers you all its technology for low rolling resistance while still ensuring safety, mileage and grip handling:

picture 2 fond transparent

Focus on 2 high tech ranges



x multi energy z 315 70 r22 5 34 Pneu Michelin poids lourd



Our best solution for fuel savings in the MICHELIN's ranges.

x line energy z x line energy z 315 60 r22 5 pneu Michelin poids lourd vue de trois quart


x line energy z x line energy z 315 60 r22 5 pneu Michelin poids lourd vue de trois quart


X® LINE™ ENERGY™ Z2 / D2 (22.5)

Our best TCO solution in the MICHELIN's ranges.

Michelin and you

Discover more professionals’ testimonials on how Michelin brings peace of mind and efficiency in their daily businesses.

MICHELIN - Michelin Irizar - short version - EN

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Service partenariat

Our services and solutions

Services and solutions devised for transport professionals in order to help drivers and fleet managers to get the most out of their work!

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Sustainable Mobility: everything is connected!

Edito europe regulation Help and Advice

All you need to know about European truck tyre labelling

Find your right MICHELIN tyre


(1) Last mm understood as until the minimum legal tread depth. Please refer to the minimum legal tread depth in your country.

(2) Source: Michelin internal measurements. Fuel efficiency and CO2 emission calculcations are based on VECTO tools with tyre MICHELIN 315/70 R 22.5 X® LINE™ ENERGY™ Z2 and D2 at 9b on a fully loaded truck in Long Haul application in comparision with same tyre at 7.5b, taking into account the wear and rolling resistance degradation. 120,000km/ year with 1.2€/l based on CNR’s professional price index of gasoil in 2019 in France without TVA. Results may vary in real life according to vehicles, distances and load.

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