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Choosing the right tyres

Choosing the right Michelin Earthmover tyre is essential to ensure you maximise its full performance potential.

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Step 1: determine your use

The international classification sets out 4 types of use.

A tyre's use category is indicated on its sidewall:

  • C : Compactor
  • E : Earthmoving (Transport)
  • G : Grader
  • L : Loader and bulldozer

Step 2: analyse your conditions of use and ground type

There is a range of tread depths and patterns. The pattern you choose depends mainly on the terrains or road surfaces you encounter: grip, risks of cuts, rapid wear. Getting the best performance out of the machine depends to a large extent on the choice of tyre:

  • 1 : Ribbed (normal tread depth)
  • 2 : Traction (normal tread depth)
  • 3 : Rock (normal tread depth)
  • 4 : Rock (deep tread depth)
  • 5 : Rock (very deep tread)
  • 7 : Flotation (normal tread)

Choose the MICHELIN solution suited to your environment.

Step 3: know your TKPH

To select the right tyre, you need to know your TKPH. TKPH (Tonne Kilometres per Hour) or TMPH (Tonne Miles per Hour) is an essential measure of the working capacity of your tyres. For the same tyre size and tread pattern, there may be several types of rubber, each one associated with a different TKPH. TKPH and TMPH values are part of the tyre characteristics. They depend on the load capacity specific to each tyre size, the number of kilometres permitted in an hour by tyre type, and are given for a standardised ambient temperature of 38°C.

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