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The right pressure for Earthmover tyres

Given that a tyre loses pressure naturally, it is necessary to adjust it periodically. This check will enable any abnormal loss of pressure to be detected. This check must be carried out on all the vehicle’s tyres.

A tyre operated with insufficient pressure will undergo an abnormal rise in operating temperature, which can lead to irreversible damage of internal components and cause its complete destruction, to include rapid deflation of the tyre. The consequences of running with insufficient inflation pressure are not necessarily immediate and may appear even after rectification. Excessive pressure can cause rapid and irregular wear, resulting in increased susceptibility to impacts (tread damage, rupture of the casing, etc.).

It is recommended that tyre pressures are checked when tyres are cold. If they are checked after running, the tyres are hot and pressure will not be accurate. If pressure is checked when hot, the pressure should be readjusted according to the manufacturer’s recommendations (consult your Michelin Representative).

Given that pressure increases with temperature, a hot tyre must never be deflated. 

Always respect the equality of pressure between dual tyres.

Inflation with nitrogen is not an exemption from the need to check tyre pressure regularly.

In all circumstances, adhere to the pressures recommended by the machine or tyre manufacturers.

The operating pressure can only be given by your usual Michelin contact or an expert professional who will take account of how the tyre will be used (type of machinery, ground type, cycle lengths, materials moved, loads, etc.).



Find the right pressure for all your machines using our "Pressure Advisor" tool.

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