Should I use hybrid tyres for road and field?

Should I use hybrid tyres for road and field?

Should I use hybrid tractor tyres for roads and fields?

Is your tractor used in the fields as well as on the road? The performance you need from your tyres in these two environments is not the same. Should you equip your tractor with hybrid tyres, capable of adapting to both? Or should you opt for standard tractor tyres designed for one of the two types of terrain, to the detriment of the other?
Our experts answer your questions in this article.

Agriculture: changing needs

Until the early 2000s, tractors were fitted with classic, standard tyres, with undifferentiated performance for all uses, in the field and on the road.

A farmer who needed to take the plough to the field carried it on his tractor, which required high tyre pressure. But once the tool was in the field, the tractor tyre's pressure was no longer suitable.

High pressure in the field meant poorer performance, limited agricultural yields and increased soil compaction. Conversely, low pressure on the road with a high load (the plough in our example) lead to increased tyre wear and consumed more fuel.

MICHELIN Evobib from road to field

MICHELIN Evobib from road to field

Tracteur montés en pneus MICHELIN EVOBIB quitte le champ

Michelin’s first step towards hybrid use

Michelin therefore aimed to develop a technology that would enable tractor tyres to be driven on the road with a pressure adjusted for the field. This is how MICHELIN UltraFlex technology was developed.

it allows farmers to operate at a pressure 40% lower than a standard tyre or to carry 40% more load than a standard tyre at a given pressure*

In concrete terms, a tractor tyre with MICHELIN UltraFlex technology allows you to drive with a lower pressure in the field than a standard tyre, which increases the surface area of the tyre on the ground, improves traction and yield, while considerably reducing soil compaction. And with no change in pressure, the tractor can also be driven on the road carrying a heavier load than a standard tyre.

As we've just explained, it's possible to fit different tyres to suit the needs of your field. But not everything is possible, as we'll explain below.

CTIS: a second step towards hybrid use

As pressure adjustment between the road and the field was a problem for many farmers, a new technological advance was born: the CTIS (Central Tyre Inflation System)**.

This system has made it possible to manage pressure intelligently and easily without leaving the tractor cab.

**CTIS is only available in certain countries. Ask your dealer for further information.

Three tractor tyres for hybrid use

Now that you know more about technological evolution, we're going to help you choose the tyre that's best suited to your needs. Our solutions are all multi-purpose, but ultimately the choice you make will be based on the how you use your tractor in the main. Below we present 3 hybrid tyres and explain how to choose the most suitable for your use.

1. Hybrid tyres optimised for the road AND the field

Some farmers and certainly contractors needed a hybrid tyre capable of ensuring good performance on the road as well as in the field when spending similar amounts of time on both surfaces.
After the invention of the CTIS (Central Tyre Inflation System)**, Michelin has made this possible by creating the MICHELIN EVOBIB tyre, a 2-in-1 tyre with two strong operating areas: field and road.

Is MICHELIN EVOBIB tyre the right choice for you?

MICHELIN Evobib are hybrid tyres for the road and the field

MICHELIN Evobib are hybrid tyres for the road and the field

If you need a hybrid tyre that offers a good compromise between performance on the road and in the field, MICHELIN EVOBIB is, without a doubt, a tyre choice for you.

On the road, it reduces fuel consumption and its longevity is extended in the same way as MICHELIN ROADBIB tyre, our tractor tyre for the road which we present below.

In the field, under normal conditions, MICHELIN EVOBIB tyre delivers the same performance as MICHELIN AXIOBIB2 tyre, our tractor tyre for the field which we present below.

MICHELIN EVOBIB tyre requires CTIS**

To use MICHELIN EVOBIB tyre, your tractor must be fitted with a remote inflation system (CTIS**). If you did not choose this as an option when you bought your tractor, you can install the Michelin Kit**.

2. Hybrid tyres designed for better ride for the road

Some farmers and contractors spend a lot of time on the road between jobs (sowing, harvesting...). But the tread pattern of conventional tractor tyres made those drives noisy and uncomfortable.

Michelin, which has a good deal of experience of road tyres, therefore decided to design a tractor tyre better suited to this type of use, while still allowing tasks to be carried out in the fields. The result is the MICHELIN ROADBIB tyre, a tractor tyre for the road that can also be used in the field.

Is MICHELIN ROADBIB tyre the right choice for you?

MICHELIN Roadbib are tractor tyres for the road

MICHELIN Roadbib are tractor tyres for the road

If you spend 80% of your time on the road and minimising fuel consumption is important to you, and 20% of your time in the fields on terrain that is not too demanding, then the MICHELIN ROADBIB tyre is for you.

This tractor tyre can be used in the fields in light or easier conditions but is suited to use mainly on roads where it offers improved fuel consumption, better comfort and increased longevity over a standard tyre.

MICHELIN ROADBIB tyre is compatible with CTIS**

To make it easier to manage the pressure when you move from the road to the field and vice versa, this tyre is compatible with CTIS*, although this is not a requirement.

3. Tractor tyres designed for better drive on the field

For main use in the field, Michelin has developed the MICHELIN AXIOBIB2 tyre. This tractor tyre offers high traction capacity for heavy-duty work and for tractors from 160 to 550 HP, but can also be used on the road thanks to Michelin Ultraflex technology.

Is MICHELIN AXIOBIB2 tyre the right choice for you?

MICHELIN AXIOBIB2 are tractor tyres for the field

MICHELIN AXIOBIB2 are tractor tyres for the field

If you spend most of your time in the field, sometimes in difficult conditions, and are looking for optimised traction and production, MICHELIN AXIOBIB2 tyre is the right choice for you.

With its MICHELIN Ultraflex technology, it can run at low pressure in the field, offering performance in terms of soil compaction and traction, resulting in improved productivity.

MICHELIN AXIOBIB2 tyre is compatible with CTIS**

And to make it easier to manage pressure on the road, this tractor tyre is compatible with the CTIS, although this is not a requirement.

The alternative for low-power tractors

If you use a low-powered tractor for agricultural or industrial handling, or for winter work, there's a versatile alternative for you: MICHELIN CrossGrip tyre, a hybrid tyre for use on roads and grass.

Small tractors, backhoe loaders, loaders and telescopic handlers can all be fitted with them for productivity and traction.

Legal Mentions

* Normative gap between standard tyre vs VF (Very high Flexion) tyre. VF tyre is a standard marking certified by ETRTO (European Tyre and Rim Technical Organisation) and TRA (Tyre And Rim Associassion, USA)

** CTIS is only available in certain countries. Ask your dealer for further information.



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