How to avoid tyre damage?

How to avoid tyre damage

How to avoid tyre damage?

Tyre damage is a reality and can negatively impact your operation. Stubble, heavy loads that your farm machinery has to carry during harvesting or even sharp pieces of metal on the ground can damage your tyres. By equipping yourself with tyres designed to withstand these issues, you reduce the risk of interruptions to your operation and can devote yourself to your work with peace of mind.
What solutions can Michelin offer you for the various activities concerned? Find out in this article.

1- Resistance to stubble damage

MICHELIN Yieldbib tyre is designed to increase resistance to damage cause by stubble

MICHELIN Yieldbib tyre in stubble field

After harvesting, some stubble is harder than others, to the point of attacking your tyres when you drive over it.
Little by little, the tyre rubber is abrased, particularly on the tread. The lugs are damaged, the rubber is hollowed out and your tyres show signs of premature wear.
This phenomenon becomes more pronounced as the tyre damage caused by stubble increases.

Premature tyre wear leads to reduced performance and therefore lower productivity. Even worse, a puncture cannot be ruled out, which in this case brings your business to a standstill.

To avoid these risks, choose tyres that have been designed to be more resistant to these types of aggressions.

Our solution for stubble resistance


This low-pressure tyre for high-powered tractors is marked "Stubble Shield". It offers increased resistance to damage caused by stubble thanks to its optimised lug design and its crown composed of a specific MICHELIN rubber.

MICHELIN stubble shield

MICHELIN stubble shield

  1. An anti-stubble strip reinforces the main area subject to attack from residual stubble
  2. The lugs are oriented so as to deflect the stubble
  3. The rubber contains specific components to improve tyre life

2 - Resistance to heavy loads during harvesting

When the time comes to harvest, you need to be reactive. There's a lot to do and the weather conditions are not always optimal. You can't afford a punctured tyre that would prevent you from harvesting.

But combine harvesters are increasingly heavy machines, with heavy cutting tables, as well as grain tanks that have larger capacities, implying a heavier load.

Choose tyres resistant to heavy loads for harvesting

Choose tyres resistant to heavy loads for harvesting

Obviously, it's the tyres that bear all these loads, and they do so cyclically as the grain tank is filled and emptied. These extreme loads can sometimes involve up to 20 tonnes per tyre. In other words, they're under a lot of stress!

The role of a combine harvester tyre is therefore to be able to withstand these heavy loads repeatedly and for years to come. With some tyres, the carcass could be damaged, which requires reinvestment in new tyres.

Our solutions for heavy loads resistance

We recommend that you choose tyres with MICHELIN Ultraflex technology.

Why? Because this carcass technology designed by Michelin makes the tyre capable of carrying very heavy loads over time without the carcass being damaged. That could bring you better profitability and productivity thanks to the MICHELIN Ultraflex technology which it’s designed to last longer.


Featuring MICHELIN Ultraflex technology, the MICHELIN CEREXBIB 2 tyre is designed to increase productivity for heavier, more powerful harvesting machines.

Thanks to its steel reinforced tread, this tyre offers excellent puncture resistance and better load distribution. Moreover, it has been developed and designed in conjunction with the main harvesting machine manufacturers to meet the requirements of this activity. Find out more:


Designed for self-propelled spreaders, this low-pressure tyre (with MICHELIN Ultraflex technology) offers high load capacity and speed. It is also designed to resist stubble and wear.

The reinforced central zone with its special lug design and its innovative compound reduce heat build-up, increasing speed and load capacity. Find out more:


Designed for harvesting machinery, this tyre offers excellent capabilities under heavy loads and at high speeds. It is marked "Stubble Shield", which means it offers extra protection against stubble damage. It has a steel reinforced tread and a reinforced carcass that offers excellent puncture resistance, better load distribution and longer life. Find out more:

3 - Puncture resistance

If you're operating backhoe loaders, compact wheel loaders or telehandlers on hard surfaces where pieces of scrap metal or other sharp objects could cause punctures, reinforced tyres will save you a lot of trouble.

Our solutions for puncture resistance

​​​​​​​MICHELIN BIBLOAD Hard Surface tyre

We've designed this tyre with reinforced sidewalls and steel crown plies for greater puncture resistance. It also has a high tread height for prolonged use on aggressive surfaces, and therefore it’s steel casing structure is designed to increase longevity.

With this hard-wearing tyre, you'll be able to work without fear of damage, without compromising comfort, since its 96 tread blocks and large rubber surface in contact with the ground help to reduce vibrations.

Find out more about the MICHELIN BIBLOAD Hard Surface tyre

MICHELIN BIBLOAD HARD SURFACE - Langlebigkeit, Widerstandsfähigkeit, Komfort - Testimonial DE/FR


Also designed for backhoe loaders, compact wheel loaders or telehandlers, this tyre also offers great resistance to damage and prevents punctures thanks to its reinforced sidewalls and steel crown plies. Its robust compound also offers good wear resistance. Find out more:

More advice about choosing tyres? Read "The 6 criteria for choosing your tractor tyres"



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