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Michelin training helps Midland Tyre Services lead the way in roadside safety

Published on 8 August 2022 - 2 reading minute(s)


490 michelin midland tyre services 800x450

  • - Michelin Training & Information Centre (MTIC) delivered an onsite course using the REACT standard to 20 frontline staff members
  • - The MTS technicians received a NTDA REACT Licence at the end of the training course

Midland Tyre Services (MTS) has put 20 of its frontline staff through a Michelin training course tailored to deliver best practice in roadside breakdown assistance.

MTS, based in Borris-in-Ossory, County Laois, is one of Ireland’s largest and most recognised fleet mobility businesses. Operating 24 mobile service vans, all equipped with the latest tyre management technology – including real-time digital inspection and reporting tools – the business supports thousands of commercial vehicles operating across Ireland.

Keen to provide the very best in safe working practices amongst its team, MTS approached Michelin to help train its staff on the correct procedures and checks when helping customers on the side of a motorway or Ireland’s busy A-road network.

The Michelin Training & Information Centre (MTIC) delivered an on-site training course for MTS, using the REACT (Roadside Emergency Action Concerning Technicians) standard training that is regularly delivered to tyre operators in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Richard Kirk, Michelin Training Instructor, says: “In the UK, there is an agreed standard for tyre technicians to work on the side of the motorway, which has been devised by the National Tyre Distributors Association (NTDA) and Highways England (now known as National Highways), as well as the REACT committee. However, in Ireland they do not have that agreed standard of work so MTS asked if we could deliver a course to detail the correct working procedures to their technicians – ensuring best practice is always carried out by their team when working in perilous surroundings on the side of busy roads.”

The sessions were delivered in small groups and contained a mix of theory and hands-on demonstrations. At the end of the course each technician had to carry out a practical assessment to show they had taken on all the learnings from the training, before being awarded with their official NTDA REACT Licence.

Chris Parle, MTS Operations Director, says: “At MTS we pride ourselves as being an industry leader in terms of health & safety and the welfare of our staff, as well as other road users. The sessions delivered by Michelin were concise and well thought out. It was hugely beneficial and ensures our staff are now best placed to help our customers and maximise their own performance in a safe and responsible fashion.”

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