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The power of audio: a real companionship

Published on 3 September 2023 - 13 reading minute(s)

Even on the motorway at rush hour, in the midst of hundreds of vehicles, spending the day behind the wheel can sometimes feel lonely. What tips do truck drivers have for making the long hours pass? Upbeat music, a news channel, or a radio show…

On the road, audio content is an important resource! Our journalist take to the road to understand the special relationship between truckers and what they listen to. Let's meet Dimitri and Amandine to learn how radio, music, and podcasts make their work lives better.

Listen to the podcast :

Interview of two truck drivers Amandine Lucazeau and Dimitri Godart

Truck drivers podcast audio

Amandine Lucazeau, truck driver at AC Trans and Dimitri Godart, truck driver at Le Camion Bleu

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