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5 Picture AXIOBIB at work (5)

Understanding your agricultural tyre markings

Are the numbers and letters on your tractor and trailer tyres hard to decipher? Wipe them down with a cloth, then listen to our experts to find out all about your agricultural tyres’ capabilities.

What do the markings on my agricultural tyres mean?

Your MICHELIN tractor tyre markings from A to Z

With you, our MICHELIN farming experts identify all the markings on the sidewalls of your agricultural vehicle tyres. These precious details will help you make optimal use of your tyres.

Sidewall markings

XeoBib: Range was chosen for certain applications and vehicle types (e.g. harvesters)
VF = Very High Flexion: Prefix designating a standardised category of tyres - Tyres designed to bear 40% more load at the same pressure.
650: Nominal section width in mm
60: Aspect ratio (sidewall height/nominal section width) as a %
R: structure: “R” for radial, “-” for bias
38: Nominal diameter of the rim in inches
155: Standardised load index
D: Standardised speed index
Radial: Construction type.
RC = Rolling circumference in mm
E = Tyre section width in MM
Tubeless: Tyre without an inner tube
Michelin® X®: Trademark

Le marquage d'un pneu agricole

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Le marquage d'un pneu agricole

Cotes dimensionnelles

Picto Tyre Dimensions Help and Advice

Cotes dimensionnelles

Casing and rim dimensions


S: Section width of the tyre
R’: Radius with static load expressed in mm-"R" for radial "-" for bias
R: Radius without load
D: External diameter, equal to 2 x R

Ø: Rim diameter in inches
F: Internal width

H: Section height

MUT = MICHELIN Ultraflex Technology: Technology invented by Michelin in 2004, is a game-changing innovation that enables agricultural vehicles to use much lower pressure and thus protect the soil, increasing crop yields

IF= Improved Flexion: Prefix designating a standardised category of tyres- Tyres designed to bear 20% more load at the same pressure.

VF= Very High Flexion: Prefix designating a standardised category of tyres - Tyres designed to bear 40% more load at the same pressure.

PFO= Pressure Field Operation: ETRTO standard that enables tractor IF/VF tyres to bear a higher load at a lower speed. The PFO standard is an option that does not modify the tyre's initial LI/SI or CAI.

CFO/CFO+ = Cyclic Field Operation: Improved cyclic field operation. CFO= Tyres designed for cyclic load conditions. CFO+ = Tyres designed to provide additional load capacity in the field over 1.5 km maximum.

TL= Tubeless.

IMP= Implement: Tyre mainly designed for agro-food machinery or trailers. It can also equip the front steering wheels and drive wheels of farming tractors and forestry tractors but is not suited for sustained work at high torque.

2302 ag img multipneu v2acro

IND= Industrial: Marking on tyres for construction applications with load and pressure capacities that are different from tyres with the same designation and the same size for agricultural applications.

NRO= Narrow Rim Option: Experimental ETRTO standard that must be approved. It allows a much narrower rim to be used than the one normally authorised by ETRTO for IF and VF tyres.

CAI= International article code: Identifies a product with a specific, unique 6-digit code

SRI= Speed Radius Index: Parameter used to calculate the theoretical speed of vehicles during standardisation procedures in the European Union and for the interchangeability of different tyre sizes.

Our 42’’ series and their 38’’ equivalents

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