Understanding tyre markings

Reading the sidewalls of a tyre

Learn to decipher the markings found on the sidewalls of your tyres.

XeoBib: Range
VF = Very High Flexion: Prefix designating a standardised tyre category
650: Nominal section width in mm
60: Aspect ratio (sidewall height/nominal section of the tyre) as a %
R: Structure: "R" for radial "-" for bias
38: Nominal diameter of the rim in inches
155: Standardised load index
D: Standardised speed rating
Radial: Construction type
Tubeless: Tyre without inner tube
Michelin® X®: Trademark

Edito tyre marking Help and Advice

Le marquage d'un pneu agricole

Picto Tyre Dimensions Help and Advice

Cotes dimensionnelles

Tyre and rim dimensions


S: Section width of the tyre
R’: Radius under static load
R: Radius without load
D: External diameter, equal to 2 x R

H: Section height

Ø: Diameter of the rim
F: Internal width

The 42" series and its 38" equivalent 


picto tyre markings 4 help and advice

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