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Car range for fleets

Three featured tyres to meet the varied requirements of your car fleet, but a single philosophy:
performance designed to last.

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MICHELIN CrossClimate 2

Expert of the all-season tyres(1).

Stay in motion whatever the weather conditions with the expert of the all-season tyres(1): MICHELIN CROSSCLIMATE 2. Safe driving from the first to the last mile.

Optimize your TCO*, while maintaining your drivers and business on the road, improving vehicle uptime with Michelin longevity tyres and the end of seasonal switch downtime(1).

MICHELIN - CrossClimate 2 Fleets testimonies: Orange only - EN

epcy 4w 483 3528700484199 tire michelin e primacy 205 slash 55 r16 91v a main 1 30 nopad


For electric, hybrid or low fuel consumption vehicles.

Reduce energy consumption(2)(3)with this MICHELIN e.PRIMACY summer road tyre, chosen by car manufacturers to equip their electric, hybrid or low fuel consumption vehicles.

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tire michelin primacy 4 plus png

MICHELIN Primacy 4+

Greater safety made to last(4).

Experience greater levels of safety over time(4) with MICHELIN PRIMACY 4+. Designed to keep you and your passengers protected, mile after mile.

primacy4 plus d

Edito photo michelin alpin6 Corporate fleet


Safety made to last in severe winter conditions.

The MICHELIN Alpin 6 winter road tyre delivers excellent safety that lasts in severe winter conditions(5)(6), with top mileage(7).

Background photo winter road Tyre

To discover the full Michelin range for passenger vehicles (cars and SUVs), visit

Legal Mentions

(1) Legal mentions and additional testing details on

*TCO = Total Cost of Ownership

(2) - Energy consumption means petrol for thermic and hybrid vehicles, electricity for electric vehicles.

(3) - When new, MICHELIN e.PRIMACY generates 2kg/t on average rolling resistance less than competitors equivalent in fuel consumption reduction of up to 0.21l/100km for a VW Golf 7 1.5 TSI or equivalent of gain of up to 7% in battery range for a VW e.Golf.

(4) - wet braking new and worn - External tests conducted by TÜV SÜD Product Service, at Michelin's request, between 80-20 kph, in June 2021, on dimension 205/55 R16 91V on VW Golf 8 (worn means when worn at machine (buffed) to the depth of Tread Wear Indicator according to European regulation: ECE R30r03f) comparing MICHELIN Primacy 4+ (new : 22,8m - worn : 31,5m) versus BRIDGESTONE TuranzaT005 (new : 22,6m - worn : 36,4m); CONTINENTAL PremiumContact 6 (new :23,1m - worn : 35,3m); GOODYEAR EfficientGrip Performance 2 (new : 23,8m - worn : 35,5m) competitors.

Results may vary according to road and weather conditions.

(5) - long-lasting performance - New and Worn, on 205/55 R16 91H MICHELIN Alpin 6, is above the R117 European regulation wet grip threshold. Worn means worn on machine (buffed) to the depth of Tread Wear Indicator according to European regulation for Tread wear indicator ECE R30r03f. In any event, respect local legislation for winter tyres.

(6) - wet grip -MICHELIN Alpin 6 is rated "B" on the Wet Grip Item of the European labelling scale.

(7) - longevity - MICHELIN Alpin 6 has the best longevity in the comparative test done by AutoBild on dimension 225/45 R17, published the 26th of September 2019

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