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Published on 22 April 2024 - 2 reading minute(s)


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  • - Change to MICHELIN Agilis CrossClimate tyres helps South Central Ambulance Service improve the handling and safety of its ambulances
  • - Plus 19 new rapid response electric cars set to transition onto all-season MICHELIN CrossClimate 2 tyre

South Central Ambulance Service (SCAS) is reporting significant benefits from the exclusive Michelin policy running across its 500-strong fleet, after transitioning its ambulances to the all-season MICHELIN Agilis CrossClimate product.

Serving the counties of Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Hampshire and Oxfordshire, the service has moved its ambulances – comprising mostly Mercedes-Benz Sprinters and Fiat Ducatos – from MICHELIN Agilis 3 summer tyres to the all-season fitment following testing at MIRA’s proving grounds in Warwickshire.

“Safety at all times is of paramount importance to us. Whilst the Agilis 3 has performed very well, Michelin-recommended testing revealed that the handling and performance of the ambulances, particularly in wet and adverse weather conditions, was superior on the Agilis CrossClimate tyre,” says Nick Roberts, Fleet Operations Manager at the South Central Ambulance Service.

SCAS is also specifying MICHELIN CrossClimate 2 tyres for its rapid response vehicles, which are comprised largely of marked Skoda Superb cars.

Roberts says the new generation of electric vehicles that recently joined the fleet – 10 Tesla Model Ys and 9 Kia EV6s – will also be moved onto the all-season CrossClimate 2 product.

“We are already witnessing the safety benefits and exceptional longevity of the CrossClimate family of tyres across our ambulance and car fleet and we expect to see further advantages, including improved fuel economy, in our analysis of fleet management data over a longer period of time,” Roberts says.

Commenting on the total cost of ownership, he adds: “We might be paying a little more per tyre with the CrossClimate tyres, but you can’t put a figure on safety and year-round mobility. They’re outstanding tyres. I would struggle to find another family of products that come close.”

South Central Ambulance Service, which uses Michelin subsidiary ATS Euromaster for its tyre management and out of hours support, serves a residential population of more than seven million people.

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