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What you need to know before buying a used truck

Published on 29 September 2022 - 2 reading minute(s)

Buying a used truck can be time consuming and challenging. Where to start? What to look for? We turned to Heike Dietrich for some expert tips ౼ and as the Head of Used Sales for MAN in Germany, she knows a thing or two about giving good trucks a second life.

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Heike Dietrich, Head of Used Sales for MAN in Germany

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Buy from a trusted source

You’ll avoid a lot of hassles and headaches if you buy a truck from an OEM with a quality promise and seal of quality, such as MAN. Let the experts handle all the inspections ౼ all you have to do is choose your specs! MAN’s top grade, certified used trucks come with a robust guarantee. For example, trucks that earn their 3-Star rating (CCT, for Checked, Certified, Trusted) meet the following criteria:

  • • Vehicles are no more than 4 years old
    • Mileage is under 500,000 km
    • Tyre tread is at least 6 mm
    • Includes MAN TopUsed warranty for the driveline
    • Extensive technical checks performed by experts
    • Recent statutory general inspection
    • Premium reconditioning including all necessary repairs and services

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Get your truck road ready

  • If you decide not to buy a certified truck you’ll need to carry out certain checks before it is road ready. Be sure to verify the following:

  • • Technical damage: tap into the truck’s “brain” or system to analyse potential technical problems with a manufacturer-specific diagnostic tool
    • Usage damage: wear and tear, such as brakes, seat repairs, etc.
    • Impact damage: scratches, dents and other damage caused by impact
    • Missing parts: replacing loose objects such as wheel block and windshield cleaners

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Don’t forget about the tyres

Avoid the temptation to agree to a price break for worn out tyres. Tyres require close attention because worn tyres are as big of a safety risk as any! The same goes for choosing tyres based on your specific usage. Buying a vehicle already equipped with certain tyres and using it for something else entirely can be disappointing and even dangerous! Before signing on the dotted line, be sure to verify tread, pressure, type and overall tyre condition. If you’re buying from an established manufacturer, you’ll be happy to know that they guarantee that vehicles are sold with inspected tyres. For a three-star rating, for example, MAN ensures that tread depth is at least 6 millimeters.


Stay put!

We mean that literally! The pandemic mainstreamed a little-known trend: virtual visits. MAN’s entire selection of used trucks is available on its website. So widdle down a list and tune into video tours of the interior and exterior of each truck. At the end of the process, you can schedule an in-person final visit or simply have your truck delivered. And fear not ౼ you’re protected with Europe-wide certifications, a ange of warranties, R&M contracts and uptime warranty as well as digital services.

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