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Entretien d'un autobus


The trouble-free management of your bus and coach tyres


Outsource the management of your bus or coach fleet’s tyres

Your business must remain your priority.
We manage the risks, you ease your cashflow.
The price per mile is set out in a contract.


- We manage the supply of tyres, stocks, operations and repairs.
- We inspect your tyres and adjust their pressures for improved safety.
- We guarantee the same quality of services across Europe as well as full compliance of your tyres.

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Focus over a red emergency triangle button inside a bus

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Focus over a red emergency triangle button inside a bus


- In 32 countries across Europe, your coach drivers are assisted in the event of tyre problems.
- They are guided to the nearest service centre or assisted at the roadside.
- You reduce the impact on your activities of dealing with a breakdown.


- You receive the monthly key indicators report.
- You optimise your resources, simplify your tasks and gain in productivity.
- You are accompanied by our team.
- An annual contract report is prepared so that we can move forward together.

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people in front of an autobus

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