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The latest buzz on tyre labelling

Published on 15 April 2021 - 2 reading minute(s)

On May 1, 2021, an evolution in regulatory standards will bring about industry wide changes to tyre labeling. We interviewed a fleet manager and a tyre dealer to get their take on tyre labeling for heavy duty vehicles.


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Here’s what Pierre thinks:

“The general trend in our business is to prove that you’re eco-friendly”

“I don’t really know much about this new tyre labeling. I have to admit that I just follow the advice of my local dealer. Of course, the general trend in our business is to prove that you’re eco-friendly and constantly adopt environmentally responsible practices.

When I outfit my trucks with tyres, I’m vigilant in regards to the environmental aspects, but my top priorities are usage and cost. If I have two equivalent tyres, I’ll choose the one with a better rating, but let’s be honest, I’d be willing to pay up to 4 percent more, but not 10 percent more.”

Pierre B., director of a wholesale and packaging company based in Southwestern France. He heads a fleet of 40 heavy duty vehicles.


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Here’s what Patrick thinks:

“More than ever, customers look to resellers for advice” 
“As a reseller, we play the essential role of advisor to our clients”

“Manufacturers briefly mentioned this new labeling system when they presented their products at the beginning of the year, but not in great detail. Frankly, professionals are not really interested in this type of information because they are often skeptical when manufacturers are asked to rate themselves.

Some low cost manufacturers, for example, can be overly lenient when they grade themselves. We can only really count on the four major global brands for precise and fair ratings. Today, fleet managers put their trust in these brands with widespread notoriety. As a reseller, we play the essential role of advisor to our clients. We’re waiting for more information on this new labeling from manufacturers that we can then share with our customers."

Patrick Winter-Knecht, Operations Director of Alsace Pneus et Services, five agencies in Alsace and one in the Vosges (Eastern France), 40+ employees.




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The European tyre labeling system is an important indicator to take into account when choosing your tyres ౼ but not the only one.

The European tyre performance classification is a simple and useful tool to help compare and choose the tyre that will best suit your use case; however, the performance criteria covered by this ranking are not the only parameters to take into account when choosing your truck tyres. 

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