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3 Tips for Choosing tyres for your new trucks

Published on 15 April 2021 - 2 reading minute(s)

First of all, the VECTO1 fuel simulation results don’t directly impact fleet owners...yet. Pay attention to that last word because it’s likely just a matter of time. Take a moment now to learn about your options so you'll be ready to make the best choice for your fleet, your safety and your profitability!

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Talk openly with your truck dealer and consider all your options

When it comes to new sustainability regulations like CO2 emissions and VECTO simulation, the knee jerk reaction is to immediately reduce rolling resistance since it can account for up to 30% of fuel consumption2. Nevertheless, for fleet owners, whatever the conditions of operations, low rolling resistance tyres are not always the clear choice as there are many other equally important tyre-related performance factors to consider ౼ notably tyre tread life and grip.

The takeaway: choose tyres that best suit your use case and the roads you drive on (OTR3, regional or local) ౼ and don’t forget potential fuel savings and reduced of CO2 emissions!

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Be sure you really understand how VECTO works

VECTO calculates fuel consumption and CO2 emissions in a standardized environment. That means the calculated fuel consumption can be very different from your own fuel consumption. Why? Because driving conditions and truck configuration hugely impact consumption. That said, the VECTO tool can very accurately compare the fuel efficiency of two different tyre options under specific conditions.

The takeaway: a grade B tyre consumes up to 0.6 liters less fuel every 100 km than a C grade tyre.4


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Prepare for a sustainable future, today

Choosing to be “green” is easier than you might think. Selecting the right rolling resistance grade can considerably ౼ and really very easily ౼ reduce CO2 emissions and fuel consumption.

The takeaway: check the rolling resistance (RR) labeling when you buy new tyres.


1 VECTO : Vehicule Energy Calculation Tool
3 OTR : Over The Road
4 Internal Michelin simulation carried out in January 2021 using the European Commission's fuel economy calculation tool for 40% urban and 60% highway use. Fuel price (diesel) estimated at 1.3 euro/liter. Estimated savings for 100.000km driven with the tires

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