Getting your tractor tyres repaired by a pro

No doubt you’ve already sustained damage to your agricultural tyres – a split, cut, bulge, or impact, etc.
This can make them unusable, or dangerous to use. Thankfully, in most cases, tractor and trailer tyres can be repaired by a professional. With expert know-how, they can perform a reliable high-quality repair. Good to know!

Is my agricultural tyre repairable? Report

Is your tyre repairable?

Repairable damage at a glance:

  • Damage to lugs, e.g. metal debris stuck in tyre.
  • Slit-like damage on the tread.
  • Small punctures on the inner side of the tyre.
  • Sidewall damage, if it is perpendicular, resembling a spoke.
  • Damage to low-pressure and high-flexion tyres.

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Unrepairable damage:

  • For technical reasons or because repair would not be cost-effective.
  • Long, deep scars on the inner side of the tyre.
  • Sidewall damage in a circumferential direction.
  • Damage to the bead or its vicinity.
  • Radial splits.



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