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As a fleet manager, every day can be eventful. You can count on your partner MICHELIN SERVICE PRO to maintain your vehicles’ tyres, even when they are far from the workshop! With preventive maintenance carried out by selected professionals, you will avoid the inconvenience of breakdowns and having part of your fleet off the road.

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Paul, manager of a fleet of 75 trucks in the UK

"I'm a MICHELIN SERVICE PRO member. One of the network's strengths is that it can help our customers across Europe and meet their needs for more than just new tyres and retreads, with tailored services and innovative solutions."

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Hans, MICHELIN SERVICE PRO partner in Munich, Germany

"With MICHELIN SERVICE PRO service-providers, I know I'm in safe hands, as is my fleet of trucks. They understand my everyday business challenges and I know I can count on them. That makes a real difference. My drivers are safe on the road, wherever they are, and I have even more peace of mind."

Service-providers that meet your expectations

  • Selected according to Michelin quality standards
  • Reliable, professional and ready to meet your specific needs
  • Audited regularly to ensure your satisfaction

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Trusted partner

  • Terms and conditions set out and known in advance
  • Fixed, fair prices for breakdown assistance
  • Consistent quality of service across the whole network

Lower operational costs and maximised mobility

  • Multi-brand tyre management
  • Wide range of new and retreaded tyres from the Michelin group MICHELIN ONCall
  • 24/7 breakdown assistance in Europe

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edito photo michelin service pro maintenance préventive full help and advice

Preventive maintenance programme

  • Wide portfolio of solutions using innovative technologies and new services to optimise your tyre management
  • An offering tailored to your specific transport needs

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