background photo trucks in approvisioning dark full freight transport
background photo trucks in approvisioning dark full freight transport

Freight transport

Solutions for meeting your delivery deadlines in complete safety by road and motorway

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Every tyre has its specific characteristics

Depending on your application and requirements, discover the most suitable MICHELIN HGV tyre:

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Camion près d'un quai de chargement

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Camion près d'un quai de chargement

Tyres for your trailers

Discover the tyres that best suit your trailers according to your requirements being fuel savings, mileage or safety.
And also get more infromation on services!

Tyres for your vans

Your activity also requires the use of light trucks and vans. Look no further than the MICHELIN Agilis range of van tyres. Road safety, fuel savings, road-handling, robustness, reduced environmental impact... we can offer tyres suited to all your applications, whatever the weather or the terrain involved in your activities!

White transporter driving inside the city


White transporter driving inside the city

The blog - MFMB

Michelin for My Business

Check out our new platform, designed with and for transport professionals. Discover our quarterly digital magazine, podcast programs, practical guides, social media activities, VIP communities.... and much more! Michelin for my Business is your guide, your co-pilot, your partner. Join the road with us!

Service partenariat

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Service partenariat

Our services and solutions

Services and solutions devised for transport professionals in order to help drivers and fleet managers to get the most out of their work!

Michelin and original equipment

Your OE trusted partner

Discover a complete OE offer for truck and trailers manufacturers and fleet, for a reliable and sustainable transportation.

Un pneu en phase de recreusage en usine

Edito regrooving hero image Freight transport Help and Advice

Un pneu en phase de recreusage en usine

Why regroove a tyre?

New patterns to extend the life of your tyres

Rechapage d'un pneu en atelier

Edito picture regrooving retreading visit hamburg Freight transport Help and Advice

Rechapage d'un pneu en atelier

Why retread a tyre?

A new tread profile to extend the life of your tyres


Tips and recommendations

The tyres are the only point of contact between your vehicle and the road. Be sure to optimise their use in complete safety.


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Every professional in the freight transport business (transporter, loader, etc.) has their specific expectations and needs. This is why Michelin offers you HGV tyres adapted to your applications.

Whether you are seeking to lower costs per mile or simply make fuel savings, the Michelin group is continually innovating to extend the service life of your tyres and reduce the cost per mile driven.

Are you seeking to optimise your operating costs or improve the management of your fleet? Going beyond tyres, Michelin offers a full range of premium services for heavy goods vehicles.

Find all the sizes of Michelin lorry tyres: 315/80R22.5 – 385/65R22.5 – 445/65R22.5 – 445/45R19.5 – 215/75R17.5 – 265/70R19.5 – 315/70R22,5 – 295/80R22.5... Whether for your trailers or your tractors, Michelin has the tyre you need! 

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