THE MAG N°2 – JULY 2021



6 incredible European routes you must drive in your lifetime

Life on the open road may seem like a breeze, but full time truckers know that the road can also be monotonous and, at times, downright boring! Which is why we rounded up Europe’s top six must-drive roads.



Hydrogen: a bright alternative for a more environment friendly transport industry


Correct tyre maintenance makes all the difference!


3 things you need to know about urban access regulations



The slow and steady rise of women truckers

The world of trucking is a world of men. Or is it...?

We spoke to two female truckers about their work, their experience... and their hopes for the future



Why your business needs an online strategy


The delicate art of integrating alternative energies in transportation


The ideal tyre mounting for long distance transportation

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THE MAG N°1 - APRIL 2021

Understand how sustainable mobility regulations affect your fleet, discover how to choose tyres regarding VECTO constraints, listen to the incredible evolution of the Michelin Man mascot through time...And so much more!

Issue content

#KNOWYOURLEGENDS - Rolling through the decades

#SPOTLIGHT- Sustainable Mobility : everything is connected !

#ROADSTORIES - Eco-driving : ecological or economic driving ?

#VOXPOP - The latest buzz on tyre labelling

#TRICK’N’TRUCK - Being a trucker in the time of Covid-19

#ONTHEROADWITH - “Vecto changes our acquisition strategy”

#BIGSTORY - Once upon a time… The Michelin man mascot!

#TOPTIPS - 3 Tips for Choosing tyres for your new trucks

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