Maintenance and management solutions for your semi-trailers


Allows you to improve the quality of your service thanks to trailer geolocation in real time.

You know the availability and location of your trailers and can limit the mileages without load.


Optimising the maintenance and safety of your semi-trailers. You monitor tyre pressure and temperatures in real time, as well as the EBS data.

You are alerted as soon as an incident is detected.

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MICHELIN - Effitrailer - Semi-trailer management solution - EN


To optimise the management of your semi-trailers thanks to geolocation in real time


Did you know?

  • 21% of kilometres driven are done whilst your trailer is empty!
  • 30% more trailers than trucks
  • Only 8% of semi-trailers are fitted with telematics


Our optimised usage and telematics module includes telematics and EBS connection allowing you to improve service quality using real-time positioning. Track trailer availability and reduce the distance travelled with an empty load.

Telematics specifically for the geolocation and usage of semi-trailers

Truck identification sensor for greater responsiveness

EBS connection to reduce distance with an empty load


Receive real time alerts and react to incidents immediately, to guarantee the service promised to your clients. 


Find your semi-trailers easily and identify those available for your client immediately. 


Access monthly reports to assess the distance covered, rate of use, waiting time on site and distance covered with an empty load and improve your operational efficiency and customer service.

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To optimise the maintenance and safety of your semi-trailers


Did you know?

  • 70% of tyre related breakdowns are on trailers
  • 40% of the cost of trailer maintenance is tyre related
  • Only 8% of semi-trailers are equipped with telematics 

Using telematics and sensors specifically designed for monitoring the safety and usage of semi-trailers, Effitrailer™ will reduce 50% of tyre breakdowns and make forward planning for your business easier.


Our safety and maintenance module includes telematics, TPMS and EBS connection allowing you to track your tyre pressure and temperature as well as EBS data in real time.

Telematics specifically for the usage of semi-trailers

Connection to EBS for information about the braking system

Open door sensor for safety

TPMS sensor for improved safety and less risk of down-time


Receive real time alerts and react to incidents immediately, to guarantee the service promised to your clients. 


Plan the best times to carry out maintenance to avoid trailer down-time. 


Receive a monthly analysis with indicators on safety, maintenance, pressure and the temperature of your tyres. 

“EFFITRAILER™ ensures improved safety on a daily basis.”

Ingo Dinges, owner and MD, Ingo Dinges Tanktransporte, Germany

Edito effitrailer safety maintenance mr dinge testimonial Freight transport

Témoignage de Ingo Dinges pour Effitrailer

Edito effitrailer geoloc usage mr Abbey testimonial Freight transport

Mr Abbey in front of his truck


“EFFITRAILER™ will prevent the immobilisation of your semi-trailers and vehicles at the side of the road.”

Mark Abbey, General Manager of UK logistics, DS Smith, Paper Division, United Kingdom.

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