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00 american truck simulator get ready with the michelin fan pack and enjoy the game

American Truck Simulator (ATS): Get Ready with the MICHELIN Fan Pack and Enjoy the game!

Published on 27 May 2024 - 5 reading minute(s)

Michelin proudly teams up with American Truck Simulator to give fans a brand new MICHELIN Fan Pack DLC (DownLoadable Content)! Tune up your truck with a fresh paint job and deck out your interior with iconic Bibendum cabin accessories౼ all while you travel across the United States and climb the ranks in the cyber trucking world. 

The Gameplay and history of American Truck Simulator

Pull up a chair and get behind the wheel of an iconic heavy duty truck in American Truck Simulator! Whether you take to the open roads in single-player or multiplayer mode, this simulator game challenges you with various deliveries ౼ and if you really like a challenge, you can even manage your own freight transport company! Developed and published by SCS Software, the game can be played on Microsoft Windows, Linux and MacOS. Ready to show what you've got? 



“SCS Software is proud to work with Michelin on this product launch to bring to American Truck Simulator players the authenticity of premium MICHELIN tyres!"
౼ SCS Software 

Behind the wheel of an American truck

At the beginning, you’ll launch your trucking career as a driver in your local freight market ౼ driving a company-owned truck and taking various jobs as they come. But once you gain enough experience and earn a steady income, you’ll get the chance to take out a loan to buy your own truck and increase your earning potential. But, be warned! Just like in the real world, as an owner-operator, you’ll also be responsible for all of your expenses ౼ from fuel to maintenance and repairs. And don’t forget to keep an eye out! The game’s story arc is enriched with various opportunities to explore new and exciting cities and expand your business by building garages, assembling a fleet of trucks and even hiring drivers to deliver your goods! 

The MICHELIN Fan Pack DLC is here!

Who’s ready for some new gear? Michelin partnered with SCS Software to officially license its tyres and accessories to be featured in American Truck Simulator! The newest Michelin Fan Pack DLC, released on December 7th, 2023, features tyres, aftermarket goodies and paint jobs, perfect for Michelin enthusiasts! The beloved Bibendum, Michelin’s iconic symbol and one of the oldest trademarks worldwide, appears in paint job packs for trucks and trailers as well as an array of cabin accessories including a cap, gloves, coats, bottles, bags, mugs, glasses, a bobblehead and even a notebook. 

Whether it’s branded merchandise, flashy paint jobs or high-performance tyres, Michelin is committed to providing drivers with quality materials that they can count on ౼ in the game as in life! The new DLC, for example, features a wide range of MICHELIN’s innovative real market leading tyres. In order to select the best tyre for each assignment in American Truck Simulator, here’s a little tip. Think about these three key factors: tread pattern, load capacity and rubber compound. 

New truck and trailer tyres included in the MICHELIN Fan Pack DLC

Take a look at some of the real-life products you can acquire in the game!

1. MICHELIN X® LINE ENERGY™ Z tyres offer excellent rolling resistance, making them perfect for long-distance journeys, all while delivering cost savings and environmental benefits. 

2. MICHELIN X® MULTI ENERGY™ Z2 tyres have more rubber on the road due to the innovative Regenion Tread Sculpture, allowing better mileage performance. Available in Europe in Autumn 2024! 

3. MICHELIN X® MULTI ENERGY™ D tyres combine 4 MICHELIN technologies to increase mileage potential, reduce CO2 and save fuel! 

"With its rich history and renowned brand name, Michelin stands as the premier choice for truckers worldwide, offering enthusiasts a selection of approved merchandise!" ౼ SCS Software 

How to play American Truck Simulator

Before hitting the open road with American Truck Simulator, you’ll need to install Steam, a digital distribution platform for PC games. Once installed, you can start your trucking adventure by creating a profile, naming your trucking company and taking on different types of delivery jobs: Freight Market, Quick Jobs and External Contracts.  

Quick Jobs are a great place to start! Although these routes tend to pay less, you won’t need to own a vehicle. Once you gain enough experience to plan ahead ౼ and enough income to buy your own truck ౼ you can take on Freight Market jobs. These jobs require more responsibility but promise a pay raise! As you start earning money and moving up in the ranks, you’ll notice that the home screen functions will evolve as well, reflecting the various responsibilities of a Trucking King versus a new driver.  

While efficient driving is obviously best for your bottom line, you are free to roam the roads and visit a new state or city once you purchase new bundles. The gaming platform also offers updates, map expansions to explore new territory, cargo packs to equip fleets for various assignments and tuning packs and paint jobs to customise trucks. 

How to become a trucking king

The game will put your technical skill and on-the-road know-how to the test with challenging road conditions, long- and short-haul routes and various scenarios filled with difficult manoeuvres. Be warned, American Truck Simulator’s winter driving scenarios are incredibly realistic as well! Before you encounter these digital dangers, you can brush up on extreme weather safe driving practices ౼ including preparing your vehicle, adapting your driving style, keeping your truck stocked with necessities and being in good physical shape. Extreme weather is as important in the game as in real life!  

Beyond skilled driving, you’ll need to respect United States highway code regulations, safety requirements and speed limits set in American Truck Simulator. If you don’t follow the rules, be prepared to get pulled over by the police or incur fines at random weigh-in checkpoints.  

The realistic game structure also challenges players to excel at fleet management, which includes planning your routes, arriving on time, keeping up with maintenance and ​reducing fuel consumption ౼ just like in the real world! 

Best american trucks revving across the United States

Within the American Truck Simulator universe, find a wide range of hyper-realistic truck and trailer models and make your choice depending on budget, hauling needs and of course, aesthetics! For drivers who know their trucks, it’s no surprise that the Peterbilt 389 is a fan favourite. It is not only the fastest vehicle in the game, it also boasts a striking design with its long nose and sloped roof. If you prefer a shorter and boxy nose, the Western Star is definitely the way to go! With a maximum of 600 hp, it is a bit slower but quickly makes up for it with innovative tech features including a blind spot sensor, GPS and a digital speedometer. Western Star fans have a second option with the 49X, which can haul nearly every trailer in the game ౼ giving you ultimate flexibility when choosing your assignments. Other options include the Freightliner Cascadia, the International Lonestar and LT, the Kenworth T680 and W900, the Mac Anthem, the Peterbilt 579 and the Volvo VNL. 

For many career drivers, the design of their truck is as important as the clothes on their back! Thankfully, all trucks in the game come in a variety of colors, with some models offering a choice of more than a dozen stock colors. And let’s not forget the interiors! You can select a wide array of cabin layouts ౼ including day cabs, high rise sleepers, sky rise sleepers, mid roof sleepers, studio sleepers and more. 

Experience the most life-like and immersive scenery throughout the United States

If you’ve ever taken to the open road in a heavy duty truck, you’ll immediately recognise the ultra-realistic visuals and sounds in American Truck Simulator. Game developers worked tirelessly to recreate every painstaking detail ౼ from the familiar ticking sound of the turn signal, to the lit-up cockpit, to the sight of dust kicking up in the side view mirror, to the hum of the engine and the constant rhythm of the tyres rolling along the highway. If you haven't had the chance to sit behind the wheel of a heavy duty truck, American Truck Simulator is truly the next best thing! 

And there are of course, breathtaking highways, landscapes and monuments that serve as American Truck Simulator’s breathtaking, evolving backdrop. Since launching American Truck Simulator in 2016, SCS Software has steadily added new DLC packs, which now include 17 states, to reel in hardcore fans. The New Mexico pack, for example, takes drivers on routes that weave through the famous Carson National Forest, urban areas including Albuquerque, as well as rustic trading posts and rest stops. The newest American Truck Simulator DLC includes Kansas and Arkansas, with the Wyoming release coming out later this year. 

Euro Truck Simulator: A new adventure for truck enthusiasts 

And if you’re looking for a more worldly adventure that stretches beyond the United States, SCS Software also offers the hugely popular Euro Truck Simulator, launched in 2008, and Euro Truck Simulator 2, launched in 2012. While the general premise remains the same ౼ drivers pick up and deliver various types of cargo ౼ Euro Truck Simulator 2 takes place in ౼ you guessed it, Europe!  

Explore routes in major European countries including Austria, France, Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom. Over the years, map expansions have spread out to include Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, the Baltic Sea and Black Sea regions and the West Balkans. Like it’s American counterpart, Euro Truck Simulator 2 will continue to add new map expansions ౼ next up, Greece! 

In ETS and ETS 2, immersion is complete as you can select and drive with real-life MICHELIN tyres! Experience the most realistic driving adventure with tyres designed for your comfort. 


michelin x line energy d

05 michelin x line energy d

michelin x multi energy z

06 michelin x multi energy

1. MICHELIN X® LINE ENERGY™ Z2 / D2 tyres save fuel and ensure safety all year round thanks to MICHELIN latest rolling resistance technology. 

2. MICHELIN X® MULTI ENERGY™ Z/D tyres can be driven on motorways, highways and regional roads, and delivered everywhere, in all conditions! 


Where can I play American Truck Simulator? 

This game is currently available on PC only. Once purchased on Steam, you can begin playing on your PC using Windows, Mac or Linux.  

Can I play American Truck Simulator on a console? 

American Truck Simulator is not available on consoles. It is a PC-only game, available on platforms like Steam, and is designed to be played on Windows, macOS, and Linux computers. 

Do I need a steering wheel to play American Truck Simulator? 

No! While many players enjoy the real-life feel of a steering wheel, others use either a joystick or mouse and keyboard to play. 

How much does American Truck Simulator cost? 

You can buy this game on Steam for $19.99. 

How much does the MICHELIN Fan Pack DLC cost? 

The fan pack is available on steam for $2.99. 

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